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Imagine waking up each day full of energy and vitality, functioning at top form, both mentally and physically, having that unmistakable glow of radiant good health…That’s what Youngevity is all about!

 About the Youngevity and Dr. Joel Wallach's mission to help people   Join Youngevity as a Preferred customer or an Independent Marketing Distributor Virginia Youngevity Distributor Jeanne Barnett

How to Join Youngevity

We here at Energywise, LLC believe in these products because we use them -- every single day.  As an authorized distributor of Youngevity products, I invite you to visit our official Youngevity website:  You will be taken directly to this screen (the “Dream Vacation image may be different):

How to Join Youngevity

The three blue buttons under the image frame give you several options:

The First Button, “I want to Join” – will take you to the following screen

How to Join Youngevity in Virginia

1.   If you want to become a distributor and earn commissions on your sales referrals, select the “Independent Marketing Director” (IMD) option.  It costs $10 to receive the welcome kit, which includes complete company information, and you will be set up with your own website, that features a terrific chat forum so you can converse with other Youngevity members about virtually anything!  You can also direct your own potential customers to this website for their product ordering, and if they decide to join and order, you don’t have to do a thing except wait for your commission check!  Youngevity will ship the products directly to them, calculate your commissions on a bi-weekly basis and mail you a check.  Youngevity has THE most well-managed and generous MLM business structure in the world, and you will be promoting products that you can truly believe in.  A win-win if there ever was one!

The IMD website and chat forum are both free, and shopping with an IMD account automatically gives you 30% off the regular retail price.  You are never obligated to purchase anything at all, you can buy at your complete discretion and leisure, however if you want to start to earn commissions, you do need to place a minimum of $50 per month on autoship.  This is not a big deal, because your autoship can simply be the products that YOU use, and it is a savings to use autoship because you do not get charged any shipping when the products you purchase are on your autoship!  Further, you can change the autoship product each and every month if you want to, as long as you make the changes 24 hours before your scheduled ship date.

2.   If you have no interest in having a business, choose the “Preferred Customer” option, which is completely free, you still get the personalized website and chat forum, and you still get the 30% discount on, and full access to ALL the terrific Youngevity products. There is never an obligation to purchase on any kind of regular basis at all.  Buy what you want, whenever you want, and still save 30%!

Please see column to the right for important information regarding how to checkout on your Youngevity website!

3.  The Second Blue Button back on the main page:, that states “I want to shop” allows you to shop and checkout right on the Youngevity website, which offers all of the same (over 4000!)  products ranging from everything about nutrition, to skin care, hair care, and even home, garden and gift items, but you do not get the 30% off.

4.  Finally, the Third Blue Button that states “I want to learn more” will simply give us an opportunity to contact you with direct e-mail, or a phone call if you prefer, and open the door for a conversation about anything YOU might want to talk about!

Our own Company Website does carry a lot, but not all, of the Youngevity products.  We are constantly adding new products, but to be able to access ALL of the ENTIRE line, you do need to use either the IMD or the Preferred customer options above.  On our Company website, however, you can simply shop and checkout, and you still get the same 30% discount.  We decided to set it up this way because many people would prefer to just shop and checkout rather than Join, which is completely understandable, and we didn’t want these folks to miss out on the 30% discount!  Try the products first, then decide later, you can always decide to Join at a later date if you so choose!

Our Energywise, LLC Company website also features a few “Non-Youngevity” products that we represent and even manufacture ourselves, such as the brand of essential oil of oregano and Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea, (a company based in Tennessee that has developed the ultimate solution to colon health, cleanse, detox and weightloss in a delicious tea) along with the accompanying website that is also part of the Energywise, LLC structure: www.HolyTea.CO

And much more to come . . .

I sincerely hope you’ll take this opportunity to turn your health and your life around.  Whatever your state of health, you are guaranteed to benefit from the Youngevity approach to a solid healthy lifestyle with abundant energy and greater longevity through Dr. Wallach’s formulas that offer complete and total nutritional support for your body, all in a vast range of great tasting products that will easily fit into your busy lifestyle!

Please feel free to contact us at any of the e-mail links on any of the websites and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.  Or you can simply call the main number 276-728-2778 – please leave a message and someone will get back to you in the same time frame.

My very best regards,
Jeanne Barnett
Energywise, LLC
Youngevity Distributor #101049333

How to shop
Important Info To Know When Going Through Checkout on your Youngevity website:

After you have logged in with the username and password that you chose when registering, you will arrive at this screen:
Checkout Procedure when shopping with a Preferred Customer or an IMD account

Choose the "Store" Link and you will be taken to the full listings of all the products, make your choices and add to cart as you would on any website. When you are finished you'll see the "checkout" option in a block in the upper right side of the screen - click on "checkout" only once!

You should not click on "checkout" more than one time during the whole procedure! - If you click checkout again on any of the following steps, it will take you back to the beginning.

Checkout Procedure for Youngevity Products

The above "Step 1 of 3" does not have the checkout block in the upper right. To proceed, you simply click "Proceed"

Step 2 can be a little tricky because the checkout block appears again and you have to scroll down a bit to get to the "Proceed" button:

How to Checkout on the Youngevity Website

As you can see, if you do not scroll down, you don't get to see the proceed button, and a lot of people will make the mistake of hitting checkout again after filling in the billing and shipping info. If you scroll down, here is what you see:

Youngevity Shopping Buy Youngevity Products

It may be a little hard to see but below the "shipping address" block are a "back" and a "proceed" button. You need to click on the "proceed" button - NOT the checkout button. Like I said, a lot of people make this mistake and it can be very frustrating!

So the final step you simply scroll down until you see the "Submit" button

How to Checkout on Youngevity website.  How to shop for Youngevity Products

And you're done!

Why Join Youngevity?

Reaching Your Full Potential – Physically and Financially

For many people, it seems like the harder they work, the less time they have to devote to their health and well-being. Especially in today’s economic uncertainty and its related pressures, “earning a living” almost means having to sacrifice balance and good health.

But what if you could increase your income and take care of your health at the same time? If you could make extra money from the comfort of your own home while helping yourself, as well as others, achieve good health, would you be interested? If you answered “yes,” then it just might be the right time to take a closer look at the opportunities Youngevity has to offer.

Imagine waking up each day full of energy and vitality, functioning at top form, both mentally and physically, having that unmistakable glow of radiant good health…That’s what Youngevity is all about!


Youngevity Generation is a website that encourages anyone at any age to embrace Dr. Wallach's message of health and wellness

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